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Why you should buy a Litter Robot...

Pretty much everybody and their Mom knows about my obsession with the Litter Robot, it's honestly one of the best purchases I've ever made. Sure, it's expensive, but it's an investment that will eventually pay for itself with the amount of money you save on the cost of litter. (Like up to 50% savings). And they offer payment plans now, so you can put that litter savings towards that payment plan!

The makers of the Litter Robot recommend one Litter Robot for every four cats you have, but I've seen people with six cats using a single robot. That's like cutting the recommended amount of SEVEN litter boxes down to one single one. Regular litter boxes require you to completely swap out all of the litter more frequently than you do with the Litter Robot because it continuously sifts the nasty litter out, you just add a clean scoop here and there once it gets low. And Litter Robot has a carbon filter to get rid of the stink, I only smell stink right after a cat uses it until it's clumped up and drops down into the trash bag.

Oh, and the customer service is seriously the best I've ever encountered in my life. If you have a problem, call them, they will help you.

Buy a Litter Robot
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My Litter Robot Love Story…

Back in 2016, I considered toilet training my cats and did a lot of research, the cons outweighed the pros by a lot, so I started looking at automatic litter boxes. Most of them require you to buy special items to use it, Litter Robot just needs any clumping litter and a bag. I bought a box of kitchen trash bags on Amazon for like $10 and it seriously lasted me almost three years. In comparison, one automatic litter box on the market right now uses trays which cost around $50 a month (per litter box). A litter Robot Payment + cost of litter for one month would be around the same or less! Another common product requires you to hook it up to a water source (and I've heard smells like burning waste when it cycles).

My Litter Robot fit perfectly in my pantry in Chicago and we decided to relocate to Tennessee in 2017. I had my Mom hunting for apartments because she already lived in Tennessee, and one of the most important things was a spot for the Litter Robot. She sent me a video of a walkthrough and pointed out where it could sit. Perfect. We selected that one and moved in a few months later.

Six months later, we decided to build a house. There were plenty of floor plans to choose from in our new neighborhood, and we had it narrowed down to two choices. One was a little bigger than the other, but the smaller one had a larger laundry room for some odd reason. That was the deciding factor of our new home floor plan. We paid extra to get an extra outlet added for where the Litter Robot would sit and I showed up during construction on electrician day to make sure it was going to be placed exactly there. It fit wonderfully.

Latest update: About six months after we moved into our "new house", my husband decided his knees weren't about to put up with the stairs any longer. So, we decided to build yet another new house. (Crazy right?). The single level floorplan in a new neighborhood we found was perfect. There is a small room under the stairs (to the bonus room) that is perfect for the Litter Robots! Our house was already in drywall stages and I needed changes made to this room. They had to take the door off and reverse the swing direction, move the lightswitch outside of the room, and add a power outlet. And then move the outlet because they put it ridiculously high. The builder called it the "Kitty Suite" and probably thought I was crazy. But it is totally awesome. I'll never be without a Litter Robot as long as I have cats and I truly believe that nobody else should either. You can get $25 off if you use my link.

How to determine if you need a Litter Robot... Do you have a cat?


You definitely need a Litter Robot.

Buy a Litter Robot
(and get $25 off!)

You personally don't need a Litter Robot, but your friend might!

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